Hi, I guess if you’re here, you have at least a vague interest in me or my writing, or even, you are considering me for a job, you lovely person/s.

This being the case, while I won’t make any bold claims as to how good a writer I am, because you can judge for yourself here, I will assure you are that I have significant experience and that I am as eager as dog chasing a ball.

I graduated from Kent with a 2:1 in Philosophy and Religious Studies in 2010 and, after gaining some more journalism experience, which I am still gaining, I started an NCTJ Multimedia Diploma at the industry-leading News Associates, Wimbledon, where I have passed all exams to date.

This is a collection of my more features-y, opinionated and satire writing writing, intended for This Affected Youth, Some Think Blue or just here (I have permission to publish all articles here).

As for likes and dislikes, I love football (Arsenal and Oxford fan), despite seemingly pathological mediocrity. I like tennis, squash, music, film, humour, pub quizzes, quirkiness, a good ‘ol weighty discussion from time to time and the odd pint or four. I don’t like unwarranted and excessive arrogance, unreliability, peas, Morrissey and Dylan, narrow-mindedness, religious extremists, Loose Women, James Blunt’s music and people who moan unduly.

I would like to think I’m nice enough, a good journalist and that I post stuff of interest, but then I would, wouldn’t I. You can make up your own mind…


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